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Fiddys racing in Florida

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Sup fellas!?

All you fiddys in Central/North Florida need to hit this!

Saturday night @5pm in Ocala, Florida


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Everyone should try to make it to Hardrock on Saturday Jan 31st. Check out their schedule here:
HOW many fiddys show up and do they go by any rules or is basicaly open pitbike ? Its about a four hour drive but we could bring around 9 fiddys and a 70 let me know if its worth it
KAOS: I'm not sure how they run things there, looking to go there for the first time on Jan 31, I did not get a chance to go in Dec. As far as I know it is open pitbike. It would be cool to get a bunch of people together. Maybe if enough interest is shown they would do more for us.
Precision cycles is coming with the crew (10-15riders)

Last year a few buddys went and said it was lots of fun.

I think this one will be sick.
harris718: I believe you are thinking about the races at Pax during Bike Week.
Im gonna try and hit hard rock up. Just got all the stuff on my 50 and am lookin to do some racin.
Hardrock fiddy's

Hey fellas,

Hardrock has night racing (posted on their website) like every other weekend.

What they do is race the big bikes on the big track & also race the kids on the peewee track.

When that is done they let the pitbikes go out on the peewee track.

Pretty nice track with one easy double, whoops, tabletop, & nice corners.

They usually run a quick practice & 2 moto format.

Not enough bikes show to break them down into groups.

So we all end up running at the same time for fun.

On the second moto, if the guys on 110's (xr100,DRZ,KLX's) were too fast, he would have them start backwards.

Never works, by the second or third corner they are already passing our 50's.

I'm sure if enough guys show, proper groups would be made.

Hardrock is in Ocala, Fl & Paxtrax is near Daytona.

Paxtrax was going to have pitbike racing Friday night before the Supercross, but since they moved the Supercross to under the lights on Friday night. Paxtrax moved their pitbike racing to Sat. night.

Not sure if I will make Daytona now, but will for sure be @ Hardrock this Sat. 01/31 with another modded up 50 friend of mine.

That is what I know...

Oh, BTW:


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How much does it cost to sign up to race it.
Hope to see you all there Saturday night. JDracer, have you heard anything about the "to be announced" race at Pax for Jan or Feb?
10 bucks to get in the gate & 10 bucks to race @ Hardrock.

Pax will have a pitbike race Feb. 7th & then another the Sat. AFTER the Fri. night Supercross in Daytona.


No, Pax as in
Anyone plannin on goin to Pax to race? Hopefully my bike will be ready :wink:
I wont be able to make it to hardrock Sat, my jetting is screwed and my new jet wont come in till tues. I will try and make it to the race at Pax though.
Oh your jetting is messed up? Poor guy :lol: Considering my engine is out, got no plastics, got no air filter, got no rear tire, your probally doing a lil better than me...jetting :roll: lol just messing with better go to Pax at least to watch :wink:
Man, your like missing your hole bike lmao. Dont worry man, I will be at Pax and I will be comeing to race, so bring it on.
Im feeling so great Ive got bronchitis (sp?) but fuck it my mom can't say no racing! :lol: So I'll be there :wink: ... hopefully!
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