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HI again, a kind of slow week in the racing department but some progress was made in identifying the differences between Kevins ripping 65 and Zachs predominantly top ended power band machine. I put Kevins carb (both are using a 200 main jet and Zach's bike wouldn't hardly run. I did notice that the main in Kevs bike had rd marked on the bottom and Zachs also aftermarket jet did not. I will be fooling with Zachs more this week to improve drivability but it is actually fast (it felt faster on top) once it is revved into its powerband. This brings up the question of timing which I will visit more this week. In the CMRA MSRH race, Kevins fastest lap was faster than Grom race winner DJ Ricks. I make this comparison because I am a kids 2 stroke racing supporter, the Grom is an interesting bike in that many people love them but the reality of a $5000 race grom is a little crazy to me. KB is even more primed for the next race at Texas World Speedway (the final race, I am really sad to see this venue go as it was the place of my first race on an FZR 400 back in 1995, the track was apparently sold to fuel the urban sprawl desires of College Station; typical Aggie short sightedness! We missed out on the WERA race at Talladega GP last weekend. A bummer for sure but the economic realities of two race weekends in a row were a little too much for us to make. We will be riding at NOLA this weekend so it will be alright (no rain please). Ive got the new camera ready so I will put up a few videos on youtube. Happy riding!
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