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I know this sounds stupid but i just got lade off of my job :evil: . I want to make my 50 go just a little bit faster for really cheap. Do you guys and gals know any thing i can do for cheap? Thanks a lot
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just get a cheap big bore like a 175 dollor one.
just put a new cam in it
Uh, why don't you leave it stock until you get another job and can upgrade correctly.
I want to make my 50 go just a little bit faster for really cheap.

LITTLE BIT faster. not everyone wants a race motor!!!!!!
that dratv set that i put up costs just over 100$ :p
just get a cam will make it faster
priorities is all I can say...maybe you have ample money to spend but is a 50 really more important than payin your electric bill or buyin food? You can have fun with a stock motor, I've been doin it almost every day for over a year now... just wait it out till you've got the cash flow coming in again then get somethin nice instead of half-assin it now then upgrading later.
KingSpade said:

WOW this is pretty cheap is it good quality thoe?[/quote]

Excellent quality. You won't find a better bore kit for the price, and I'd put it head to head with any JDM bore kit that is made in Taiwan.
i still think the 72 is the best deal for a bit more power, plus theres nothing else that needs to get done at the same time, its just a bit more. compare a 100$ cam to a 22cc increese for the same cost!

am i nuts!?

someone respond!?

If i get the TB Race Head, 88cc Bore & 20mm Carb Kit will i hurt any thing if i don't get a oil pump??
yes, get it, saves major trouble later.
plus its only like $28 more
Just get it here...

and you'll get the oil pump with the deal. It's the same kit. Just got two myself. They are TB stuff. Plus Jeff assembles the head as well.

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