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Fast50's speed fork

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Is it any good? What do you think or of it?
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The fast 50's fork is a piece of trash. I honestly wouldnt ride it if it were given to me.
its made to run a stock, or stock style bar clamp.

they dont have much travel, very soft, and the seal blowing was supossedy fixed, but i wouldnt trust it.
Hey Dude,

PM "Ahpminis" {mark Delorenzo} on this site he runs them on his bike. he told me they corrected the problem. I rode his bike Sunday and they seemed to work Fine?

That fiddie I just bought from witz has them, and it only took me about a little over an hour of riding and jumping to blow the seals. I contacted fast50's and they said that they had new seals that they would install for me. So I'll let ya know how it pans out for me. I would like to say that before I blew them out, they were super plush. I would find it difficult to belive that you would get much arm pump from them if you raced your bike with those forks. They are a lot smaller than other forks on the market, but that is a big plus if you are trying to keep somewhat stock proportions with your fiddie. All in all I know I will be very happy with them as long as the seals blowing out isan't going to be a issue.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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