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Fast50's frame and Five0 swingarm

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FAST50'S frame brandnew powdercoated red and a polished FIVE0 swingarm. 350 obo
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frame is +1 and swingarm is +2
will you seperate? if so how much for just the frame? Got any pics?
is the frame brand new or is the powdercoat brand new?
frame is used and the powdercoat is new. the frame is in excellent shape
fast 50s frames are not plus 1 and from what i hear not even that stong, the new one i think is a plus one
thats what I just said isnt it, +1. It is strong 4130
nevermind that last post, my brother is being stupid. I was told is is +1, mabey its not i havent ridden it yet. Pm me your email address if you want pics.
What do you want for the frame now?
so is it a +1 or not
I dont have the stock frame anymore so i cant tell. Somebody give me the stock measurements and i will check.
I'm interested too but I can't find out anywhere if its +1. lists every frame that is +1 but it says nothing about fast50's.
to see if it as plus one look at the gap between the tank mount and the fork tube, if it is like an inch apart then it is a stock style frame, if it has about a 2 inch gap then it is a plus 1, and another way to check if it is the old style frame is to look at the sub frame tubes, is it looped off at the end, or do 2 tubes stick out kind of pointing at each other where the rear fender sticks out
ill trade you some xr70 forks with a bbr springss plus 1 fork raiser 14"wheel clamps and black painted lowers and tripple clamps
I just got rid of some forks. It is looped in the rear
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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