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Brentwood, CA - October 16, 2004 - Fast50s and Sandhill Ranch is proud to present the Fast50s “4th Annual 4 Stroke Mini Bike World Championship”!!!

Along with other sponsors: Lens Moto, Honda of Modesto, GP Sports, Moto XXX, Minibike Springs, Works Performance, Oury Grips, Motion Pro, Ceet, Flesh Gear and Sprocket Specialists, international sponsors from around the world will be on hand. Huge fun for all -- prizes, Pro Purse and tons of giveaways.

All Mini Bikes are welcome, from 50s to 150s, stock to mod, pro to amateur. You don’t want to miss this!

There are 18 classes in all. Plus, there will be a special Flat Track race under the lights at the end of the night.

Big names will be on hand: Trevor Vines, Spud Walters, Jeff, Mike, and Nick Northrop, Caleb Wyatt, Travis Hart, Eric Nye, Jesse Olson, Evan Laughridge, Dirt Tracker Johnny Murphree and Skate Board Legend, Steve Caballero, just to name a few.

This is “THE” 4 Stroke Mini Bike race of its kind. You won’t want to miss the bumps, the jabs, the bruisin and cruisin and the all around great time at this huge event.

Pre registration is a must. Go to to link on for registration.

Any questions call Fast50s at 530-268-7368

Classes and Rules:

10” Wheel Class Rules (all the same unless noted) (Bikes allowed z50, xr/crf 50)

1. 8” or 10” Wheels Only

2. Must be open cradle frame only with near stock frame and swingarm dimensions. No cr80’s with an xr50 Motor and 10” wheels allowed.

3. 50/70 “based” cases a must

4. 2 Valve heads only

5. Race or Pump gas ok (no alcohol, nitrous, or propylene oxide)

6. Wheelbase not to exceed 42” total length


Pro Stock 0-49cc (16yrs & 100 lbs for safety and weight fairness) (Bore and stroke can be checked at any time)

Pro Limited 0-90cc (16yrs & 100 lbs for safety and weight fairness) (Bore and stroke can be checked at any time)

Pro Unlimited 0-124cc (16yrs & 100 lbs for safety and weight fairness) (Bore and stroke can be checked at any time)

Amateur Stock 0-49cc (Bore and stroke can be checked at any time)

Amateur Limited 0-90cc (Bore and stroke can be checked at any time)

Amateur Unlimited 0-124cc (12” front wheel is ok in this class) will usually run with limited since there are not many 124cc’s in the amateurs

Kids ages 15 and under/Girls of any age (this is a open class)

Vet 30+, Big Boy +200lbs (all), 0-90cc (Bore & stroke can be checked at any time)

Midsize Bike Rules: (Clutch ok) xr/crf 70, ttr90, klx/drz110)

1. 0-140cc

2. 12” rear wheel 14” front wheel maximum (a z/xr/crf50 with a 12” rear is ok to race in the midsize class)

3. Open cradle frame with “near” stock frame and swingarm dimensions

4. Race or Pump gas ok (no alcohol, nitrous, or propylene oxide)


Midsize Pro

Mid size Amateur

Midsize Kids

Mid Size Girls

Midsize Vets

Mid Size 200+

Big Bike class rules:

Big Bike Stock (clutch ok) (xr/crf80/100 stock)

1. 100cc Maximum

2. 16” rear wheel 19” front wheel maximum

3. Stock length suspension

4. Stock dimension xr100 frame

Note: This class is for the guy that has an old xr100 and wants to moto it, not a full hopped up class.

Big Bike Modified: (Clutch ok) (xr/crf80, xr/crf100, drz/klx125, ttr125, crf150 and all 175cc and below hybrids are ok) (NO crf230’s allowed)

1. 175cc maximum

2. 16” rear wheel/ 19” front wheel maximum size

3. Race or pump gas ok ( No alcohol, nitrous, or propylene oxide)

Any questions please email us at [email protected]

:D :D :!:

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im not going or anything, but when it says pro stock it says 0-49cc. Does that mean that you can mod the motor as long as it stays 49cc's? you know a carb, pipe, filter, or porting?

Just wondering because usually there is a stock and a 49cc mod class so i dunno?

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LogiKal said:
AMA or IMSA ..

IMSA is So. Cal membership thing, so im pretty sure hes talking about AMA.

IMSA is no longer, they filed for bankrupcy from what I have been told. I am sure the AMA thing is for insurance purposes also but i feel a whole lot better writting a check to the AMA than some other fly by night outfit.

Don't they offer a one day AMA card? I have seen them offer them at other races.

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Does anyone have any more info about the track? I already checked thier website but it wasnt much help.

What is the soil like there?(soft, hard?) and what is the type of layout, is it tight or open?

one more thing, can i run a manual clutch in the 49cc am. class?

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