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FAST AND Furious

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if you were to get any bike with a budget limit of about 2500 what bike woould you buy RC SDG Xtreme ????
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RC, would probably be my first choice. But thats kinda difficult to say without seeing a final product. SDG would be my second.
I wouldn't be pimping the RC bikes until people actually see the production models. The bikes could be trick, or the bikes could be turds. People raved about the CR107 's until they went for a hard ride.

People raved about the SDG until they went for a ride and are now nitpicking on them and talking about how heavy they are.

Prototypes are different than production, and what may be a good prototype, might be a turd by the time it hits the market. We are talking about bikes made in China here, not under Japanese quality control.

I hope Vince succeeds, but if corners are cut to reduce costs and increase profit margin, it could end up being a miserable failure.

I'm withholding judgement until I see one in person.
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i was always lookin at these bikes in a neg point of view,

now that ive seen all three ig put rc first, mod stock and sik50(only bc of the cost)2nd, xtreme and sdg tying in third.

there all great bikes.
does anyone have pics of any of the RC's
do the xr50 parts interchange with the rc and how much do they go for since my dads a dealer for the sdg's
there ALL based off of the honda 50, they are ALL part interchangeable.

ur dads got sdg's and u want a rc? why? the sdg is a very capable bike.
SDG all the way, because i bought one. i hope there good as they look i havent got mine yet.
what are the differences between the two the rc and the sdg????
The RC50 is $1399. Here is a pic

If you buy them from Vince, you can upgrade a lot of stuff when u buy it, like the motor(go to an RC86 or bigger), rim color, plastic color, a bunch of different things
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will the honda motor parts fit into those?????
fiddycrazy648 said:
and whos vince???

Vince is the owner of RC Motorsports, his name on here is skindonor. Hes sick right now so he wont be on for a litle while.
fiddycrazy648 said:
will the honda motor parts fit into those?????
what motor parts you thinking?
like any of those classic honda big bore kits ????
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