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f/s or f/t for crf 50 or yz125 parts

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i have a bunch of watches i never wear and im looking to trade for 50 parts. i will post pics up later tonight. some very nice swiss made zodiacs and other simple fossil's. let me no what u gottt im looking for a mono style swing arm and for the 125 just tell me what u have and ill let u no thanks
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Any chance u got the front to match it?
U want a watch? Or just 25 bucks
well i tell u what. u can pick one out and ill get it for u if u want it. FOSSIL - watches, handbags, accessories, and apparel - check them out and ill let u no if i can get it then we can work something out casue the watch is gonna be a lil more expensive but i got sweet hook ups :wink:
I'm not looking to spend any cash so how about I'll just take the money.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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