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hey guys just have some parts for sale, i am just a little short from getting the shock i want so i am trying to get rid of some of my extra parts. first off i have

a Brand new still in package GYTR HD shock spring - i was looking to get $42 shipped for it, it fits TTR50's 2006-2009 and it fits CRF50's 2001-2010 cause they use the same stock shock.

next up is a Full fork kit everything is reayd to be installed comes with:

GYTR extended brake cable (basically new)

stock fork springs (pretty sure there 2.7's kg or maybe its 1.7's kg)

Bushings (less than 1 hr on)

and fork tubes in perfect condition!

will fit a TTR50 2006-2007 and will fit CRF50's i asked a guy at Jer motorsports here in lake elsinore and he said it will work. I will part this out as well so if you just need the springs or the cable let me know, and we can work on a price! for the whole kit i would like $52 shipped.

next up iis a basically brand new TTR50 seat, just look at it, looks like it came straight from the factory hahaha
it has no cracks, rips, sun damage, or tears! ready to be installed. Mybe it works on CRF's plz contact your dealer first. i would like $24 shipped

ok next up is a TTR50 Chain gaurd, in good condition some light scratched but its not cracked and will work perfectly comes with mount bolts and washers, a must if your chain doesnt have a guide! i would like $7 shipped

ok and last but not least some brand new wallets that i decided i want to sell, ones a brand new nautica Genuine leather wallet that was origonally $45, i would like to get $11 shipped for it.

next wallet is a name brand duck head wallet, was $38.99 new, i would like $11 shipped as well, but i am willing to take offers on any of this stuff!
just let me know what your interested in buying, and make me an offer. Cause i am so close to getting my rear shock!

here is the duck head wallet its genuine leather as well.

i also go by the more you buy the better deal i will give you all around, if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask i will reply fast thx, ALL PRICES ARE OBO so make me an offer the worst i can say is no!!! have a great day....alex

I will trade for any type of nicer 50 shock then stock, i also heard the KLX 110 shocks work to so i will possibly trade for one of those, i just dont have the tool to get this HD spring on my 50 so i am trying to find a different shock all together that will lift the rear of the bike some more! I only take money by paypal and money order. :D THX!
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