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Hello All,

I have way to much stuff in my garage and need to pass some of it along to fellow collectors. I'm not sure what every part is or is worth, but i am open to offers or i will give you a price on any specific item. its hard to price because i don't want to list every part individually, as it would take 100 pages. I will try and respond to every question/request as soon as possible. i have a lot of parts and if you see something i have not mentioned, i encourage you to ask me about it, also i haven't taken pictures of everything i have so if your looking for something specific i might have it.

Contact: This Post, PM or [email protected], I will send my phone number through email.

Location: Napa, CA


parts Photos by teds94vette | Photobucket

i will take more pictures. please just ask.

ST70 DAX: complete bike in fair to good shape, when i say complete i mean it has not been touched in 25 years and has every original part including the tool kit: $2,000

CT70H frame: $100

CT70 K0 Frame: $50

CT70 fame and front end: $100

Motors, side covers, cases pistons and heads: i have LOTS of them and price should be by condition and type of motor, i will pull any numbers off of the motors you are interested in: $10 - $150

Carbs and the like: $20 and up

turn signals and lights: $10 and up

New Jap Tail lights: $30 ea (i have 3)

hubs, brakes, wheels and the like: $20 and up

i'm not going to list everything please just view the photo bucket album.

Thank you for looking
Ted B
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