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I tried posting this the other day and it appears to have been deleted :confused::mad:

I have a Bad Boy CX I just got in a trade. I looked it up and they appear to retail for about $4000. I dont know how much to ask for it... so if you want it make me an offer.

Its almost stock. Starts, runs, drives, alls good. The headlight bulb and assembly are missing from the quick connect forward. I should be getting that this weekend, so consider it there. Also the exaust has been "customized" by the previous owner with a plain old piece of pipe stuck on. Im hoping hes guna give me the original pipe back, but no garentees. All the rest is original and normal.

Both the bike and I are located in Central Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. my phone number is 702-466-9976 and my email is [email protected]. I prefer emails or txt messages.

Thanks in advance.


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