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F/S 110 front end

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I bought a 08 KLX frontend from a member here but now i need to sell it. i will take $120 shipped to lower 48

Complete forks /clamps/ wheel/tire/brakes /levers/and bars.

I also have a complete KLX 110 rear wheel /brakes /levers /brake rod /and stay for $100 shipped to lower 48

email me for pctures

[email protected]
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im interested in all of it..will you take $150 shipped???

frontend and rear wheel.
well you know from experience what that is going to cost me to ship. if I am going to lose money I might as well be playing the lottery. Thanks but can not do it.
any local Michigan riders need a set of wheels and tires with forks and brakes to go with them. I will take $150 and you pick them up.
whats the lowest you will take for the front end?? i noticed this thread has been up for a bit but no hits..i was putting an offer in.
Well I just want the money I have invested in it....but shipping cost really hurt those odds you know. So if I could help some local MI rider by chance would be sweet. It would be a good deal I promise...........:)
I doubt it....... it is stock... new condition. I also have a good condition rear wheel I just got from another member here but I am not going to use. they were bought from Chad486

complete wheel set with brakes linkage axle and foot lever


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I also have this set of custom graphics on a new set of acerbis.

$60 obo. I bought this bike and want to sell the plastics or trade them for a set of white ones.


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cmon two comeplete wheel sets with a complete front end with all the brakes components and all hardware. $150 and you pay actual shipping.
I'll split the shipping anywhere in the lower 48.
Well since no ones wants them complete lets part them out.

Front end 08 SOLD

Rear wheel set 03 SOLD

wheel/tire $35

brake hub with shoes(good) $20

brake return spring $10

brakes stay arm $10

foot lever $10

axle $5

all prices do not include shipping.....and are best offer.

PM me for more detail

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Length on forks, from axle to top? Probably take them, and maybe the clamps. No shipping;)
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