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I know there has been posts before this but outta the Dr D, Sano, and White Brothers, what do you think? unless anyone has another favorite
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mod stock all the way! lol :wink:
All Im going to say is... :roll:

go with classic honda
five0addict said:
mod stock all the way! lol :wink:
THIS WILL WORK REALLY GOOD we have a 85cc fiddy w/ the stock pipe w/ the spark arrestor cut out and some holes punched in the baffle that runs 57mph TOPEND with 15 / 36 gearing it has a cheap cam from dr atv and minor port work with a xr70 carb and intake but if you want a good all around pipe for a stock motor I would say try a Thunder Alley pipe
go with Dr. D
mxracer728 said:
go with Dr. D

MXRACER, have u ridden Dr. D's pipe yet?
yes i have
oh by the wayy I have an RC 86cc motor thanks to Vince :wink:
KAOS said:
the stock pipe w/ the spark arrestor cut out and some holes punched in the baffle

ok, u cut out the screen, and punched holes in the_____?

ru talking about the resrictor plate lookin thing inside the front of the can?
Classic Honda Ultima for 88 and above.... Ultimat JR for stock and below 88cc... These pipes rock in my opinion 8)

depends on what you want you bike to do and what motor mods you may or may not have or will purchase in the future. I got the BBR cause it fit all my needs and was going to work just as well when I put in the big bore kit.
classic pipes aren't "tucked" and melt your riding gear and burn the hell out of your legs. Yes great pipes just stick out a bit, on the other hand the Sano pipe is close to identical of the Classic pipe exept it is "tucked" in and no burning, melting, etc.
no if you take the tip off and cut the whole screen part off and while its off take a long good size phillips head screw driver stick it down in the pipe from the open end and you will feel it stop thats the baffle part well then take a hammer and hit the screw driver through the baffle a few different times try 2 or 3 holes see how it works with the end tip on and maybe more holes if needed
i got a procircuit pipe, works good and sounds sweet.

procircuit came out with new pipes tho, one for a big bore kit and one for stockers.

i could hav sworen i heard they were coming out with forks for the 50, anyone know about his?
go wit classic honda, everything else is the same as stock damn near
sano pipe works really good and sounds awsome
who sells thunderalley pipes, do they ahve a website

i also am looking to sel my sano pipe, it has a black muffler and a spark arrestor
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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