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i don't have experience with an MJN on displacements you are talking about, but I do have experience with the CRF230 engines and 150f upgrades. I have a 230F that I built with a wieseco 240 piston and aftermarket cam and stuffed it into a CL125 frame for a custom bike. When it came time to choose a carb, the right choice, IMO, was the stock carb for the reasons you have already stated. It only required a main jet bump by two and runs perfect bottom to top with a pod filter and relatively open custom exhaust.

I also have a 150F that's been converted to a dual sport. And the person who had it before me had Honda swap in the crank, cylinder, piston, etc to convert it to a 230F. It does only have the 5 speed in this case, and is only kickstart (and they had to update the kickstart gears) but this one is basically a stock 230f otherwise. This is mated with the stock carb from an xr200 and runs perfect top to bottom. I have never considered swapping out the carbs since the stockers perform so well.

Lastly, I had purchased a xr200 core engine at a swap meet and rebuilt the whole thing, but added a mild mid-range cam, but otherwise had the cylinder stock. This one, too, i used a stock xr200 carb on it and again, it ran perfect.

I have MJN carbs on several of my bikes ranging from 110cc-175cc and they are amazing. They are also a real PIA to tune them because the atomization is so good that you might think that it's "good enough" when it's actually not optimized.

For your application, I'd recommend the stock 230f carb...
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