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I think I have made a thread about dealing with Eric before, but oh well he deserves a new one! Great guy to deal with. I have thrown a few sort of odd orders his way and he always comes through and treats me right! I have ordered from him before, now, and I definetley will in the future. I texted him while he was at Lorretta's and told him what all I needed and he texted me back from "Cell Phone Hill" (if you've been to LL's you know what I'm talking about) and gave me a good price and got me my parts as fast as possible. I ordered a few TB products and usually there is no problems with getting the right parts through them, but TB sent the wrong intake.. Eric then did everything he could to make it right. Texted me and told me what had happened and what he was going to do about it, did his thing and I got the correct parts quickly after. He even wanted to give me a discount slip for my next purchase even though it wasn't his mistake. Very happy with the deal.


Thanks Eric!
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