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Engine Help ? TB143

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Hey guys i put that brand new TB143 kit on my bike with the race head, 4th gear, 26mm carb, bbr u-flow, and tokyomods revbox. The bike has really good top end but is lacking low and mid power. How much will the 55mm crank and V2 head help me out ? And also will the hi output coil do anything ?

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V2 and TB stroker are both Upgrades to your current set up.

In combination you with see significant gains.

Coil upgrades will likely be unnoticeable but will not hurt.
ok, i ordered the crank and im waiting to find a good deal on a V2 head
I saw a v2 head for sale in classified for like $280
yepp im gonna try to buy it
let me know how you like that setup. Im trying to decide between 143, v2, 55mm stroker or 165, v2, and stroker. how's the uflow fit on the carb btw? heard it doesnt fit... heard it fits... lol
ya ill let u knw bout the motor setup for sure , and the u flow will fit with the TB intake , you just need to move your coil back 2 holes and its a little tight but works
i just put the V2 head on tnight but didnt put the crank in yet , def gave it some more bottom end but it still doesnt seemed to be jetted right. I running a 26mm carb until i put my crank in then im gonna go to a 28mm. What carb settings are you guys running with this setup ?
Run the vm 26 with the 155 forsure! Stock jetting should be really close!!
phatfiddy said:
Run the vm 26 with the 155 forsure! Stock jetting should be really close!!

Stock jetting is not close...

we run a 170/175 main

w/ a 20 Pilot

Stock is 190M

22.5 pilot
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I thought the main was 165 stock.. thats what mine came with.. I run mine how it came new and the stock jetting is right on.. hm
Someone must have changed my main jet while I wasn't looking lol I dunno how a 165 got in there.. But she runs good..

You'll love it after you install the crank !!
see i believe right now i have a 190 main and a 22.5 pilot but i dont have the crank in yet
hey guys im back at it , i put the V2 head on it and its still not pulling like it should. it has good top end power but no bottom end at all. Sounds like it has tons of power but not putting out the power it should ! Any answers would be greatly appreciated , heres a list of what it has right now


-V2 Head

-26mm carb with 190 main and 22.5 pilot

-BBR U-Flow

-TB Intake

-CHP Heat Stop

-FMF Factory 4.1

-TokyoMods Revbox
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i have the same stroker. I love mine. running 175 main and a 20 pilot jet. I tried the 165 main.....too lean. Tried the 190 main and it was popping at full throttle like it was getting too much gas. 175/20 starts first kick and runs good. Currently running a 14t/ 40t sprockets. Gonna try a 37t or 38t for a rear just for comparison.
ive got the 143 kit with race head and stroker, manual clutch 26mm carb and lightened flywheel and i love it! pulls real hard, and still has alot of top end.
see mine runs great with the 190 main but just has no power like it should
What gearing are you running? Cuz I'm kinda having the opposite problem that you are. My bike has insane bottom and mid, but as soon as I get it 3rd gear tapped on a straight up to a jump (I ride alot of bigbike tracks) I can feel it just hit a wall and not want to accelerate anymore. It's to the point that when I'm coming off the lip of a jump like that it cuts out and the front end kamikaze dives on (almost had to change my pants one time).
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