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E22 head

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What do you guys know about this E22 head. Ther is a guy selling them on Ebay for $55.00.

Is this a good head ? How does it compare to a stock or a TB head as far as port and valve size ? I assume this head would require a domed piston.
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Isnt it just a xr70 head? I guess it could work better then a stock 50 head. Yes you have to run a domed piston if it is a 70 head.
Its the same head used on the RC86. ;)
So is this a good head ? This thing has gotta be worth the price.
im runnin the e22 head on my 106 engine, and i love the head, and no its not an xr70 head
i win! :D 46.00 e22 head!!! so who wants to buy it?? im selling for 150.00

I just noticed these ship from Vietnam. 8O
anybody know what honda motor this was stock on? was it a ct or an sl or what?
The only 12V roller cam CT motors were from 1991-1994, and they were E11 heads. The valves are the same, but the intake parts are tiny compared to the E22 heads.

Just remember, if you purchase an E22 head, the cams suck, and the valve springs will need to be upgraded, and the head will need a port job to be as good as the HRC heads.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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