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Re: OK you win!

ratbeachracing said:
It's not the best deal, but where I live here in the bay area, there are no shops that have a clue about 50's. There are 3 shops with in a 20 miles from me and thay all know about handle bar sets and skid plates. I'm done with these dumbies out here, I tried to get a simple front 15 sprocket and was told ( Oh I just sold my last one 20 min. ago) ok no big deal, then order me one, next ( Oh man why don't I have your name down on an invoice, I just sold my last one again). Ok, last chance, the fuc#$%* dumby sold me the wrong one a week later. The guy doesn't know crap about 50's! But if you need a spark plug or some grips go to motorcycle wherehouse in Oakley CA, I know he can provide that type of stuff no prob. So I guess my point is I have to order out to get what I want and even then it's a little gamble, I just paid 30 bucks for cheap chain when ordered a RK. Oh well, live and learn. I'm done venting know. :)

i got shops like that here too thats why i drove my bike 3 hours to PRC, i wouldn't let any of these idiots by me even look at my bike
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