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DT-1 MX Park 11/7/15- 11/8/15

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Hey everyone I am trying to get a group togeather to crash the mini bike support for the OTHG national on 11/7/15 or 11/8/15. They previously had a mini bike class but as entries dropped so did the class. I will be there Friday through Sunday camping with my family and racing big bike support along with mini.

OTHG has classes as well for 30+ age in several skill levels if interested in those as well but they do require a membership for those classes.

The support classes require NO MEMBERSHIP.
Class is usually $30 a day and transponder rental is also required. Camping available and a few shops near by if you need any last minute parts.

Hope a few of you make the trip. I will be racing mini support Sunday either way.

This is at DT-1 MX Park in Tulare CA.
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I was wanting to so bad but I'm actually getting married the weekend before and won't be back from travel until the 16th. I was bummed to see there was a local event to go to and that would be when I was out of town.

So hoping you can grab a few buddies to make it to Dt1 and I am hoping to make it to one of the later Taft rounds I think the July one I am able to go.
Awesome tell your buddies!!
Sweet man I know your out here in the central valley. Hopefully you can make it on one or the other I my TTR is scheduled to be back together by mid August. So should be tested and dialed by then. I ride full size tracks on it so far my record on the little guy is a 85ft step up. DT1 now has a 103 ft step down and step up with the new revamp this week. Track will probably change before the race. Either way it will be fun just to have a group of guys out there.
Anyone planning on coming out? I won't have my mini as I have no engine for it. But I'll gladly meet up with you guys and have some fun.maybe the wife will let me ride her stocker haha.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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