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Drz-125 $500?

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its a 2003 drz-125. Only thing wrong on the bike is the back brake setup.

i just wanted to know if this is good deal . im thinking about getting it . just need to know if its a good deal, thanks
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bumb anyone else ?

any opinions?
wut year sorry if i missed it but i gotta worn you they are pretty slow

what do u tihnk the top speed would be?
for $500 why not? Sounds like it could be a fun project. Go for it.
judd58austin said:

what do u tihnk the top speed would be?

im not sure my friend had one and he sold it in 2 weeks because it was so slow and it has very short gears first is useless and it takes a long time to get on the top but it is definitely a reliable bike it would be fun to play on
hm, yea im not really sure yet. but $500 is cheap so im most likely gona get it.
i think its worth it. my mom has a 2004 ttr125 L and its fun. the suspension is really soft and to get to the top end of the power band takes about a week. they are really fun though, but not a pit bike
for $500 bucks you can beat it for a few months and then sell it for a small profit.
Dude you better pick that thing up. Before I start searching crigslist for it. LOL!
yea tell him 450 cash... hahaha yea dude i wud buy it and just rip on it
these are fun bikes , i ride the krap outta my wifes 08 .

on racetowns mini track you can just pin it and rail everything.

under sprung unless your like 120 lbs (like mrs.demon is) but loads of fun.

for five bills you better jump on it imo.
mod it out they are fun and rather fast, heres minie --
hey hack, what suspension mods do you have on your klx125? look like they were soaking up the hits well.
i would buy the bike in a heartbeat for 500
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