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drag 50

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does anyone here have a drag 50 ?

im building 1 was wondering if anyone had pics

ill post my wrk in progress 24 inch swing arm tomorrow :D
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I`m in the process of making one too. I`m going the other way though, I cut my stock frame in two and adding about 30" of tubing. So you can lay on it like a drag bike..

Douglas Walter
Run the biggest displacement motor you can, plumbed for Nitrous. The biggest shot without blowing the head off the motor will be 3-5 HP.

NX Express makes a good universal single nozzle, but you'll have to run a battery, as the external fuel pump and switches need a 12V power source..

Ditch the rear shock, and put a solid link from the rear suspension to the swingarm. Cut the front forks and lower them down also to balance the bike, and also think about adding a wheelie bar..

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Why didnt you leave em sliders?

how quick to 60, 330, 1/8 and mph?
whats the reason for the different bend in the exhaust ? is it cause you hug the bike more ?
it looks like a completly different exaust system, it can be used because it doesnt have the suspension or use of a differnt bike. the one on top looks total streetbike style!
how much does it cost to build one of those?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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