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Does anyone own one of these?

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Sorry I don't have a pic. I'm wondering if anyone owns one of those "pit bike boots" I've seen on eBay. They are for securing you fiddie to your trailer. You put your front wheel in it then pull the arm on it over the top of your front tire, and bigity bang your off to the track. I'm wondering how well they actually work and, or if anyone has a link. Thanks 8)
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sound like a good idea. do you think it would work well in the back of a truck. so it doesnt require any straps?
is it sort of wht is on the front tire of this bike but maybe goes around the tire more?

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Sort of yeah.
Yep but it wasn't from Dennis Kirk, and it was made smaller for fiddies, and sold for $59.99.

I wish Dennis Kirk had them I could drive up there and grab a couple lol
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