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I have this one set only! - 1 set of DNM forks/ Fast Ace triples. Length - 650mm. These forks are very nice and plush . Oil filled and compression/rebound adjustable on each leg. We use the fast Ace triples with them because the stem is longer (which enables them to be used the taller head tubes on the china bikes). This is the last set I have in stock. The tubes are brand new and the triples are take offs from brand new G2 125 R4. Everything is perfect except for a small crack in the fork guard (see pics) Price is 299.00 (337.37 with shipping). Great Christmas Present to yourself!

Here is the crack the fork guard - right side, starts at the guard mount screw and is about 1.5" long.

One set only!....Here is the link:

DNM forks
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