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disk brake for sik 50 forks

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im getting the sik 50 forks and i was wondering would i be better off getting the 500 or something dollar disk brake or just wait like a year to get the marzocchi fork that comes with the disk brake?
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well i dont kno yet for sure if im getting the marzochi forks yet ill prob just stick with the sik 50s forks and see how nice they are but im not sure yet and i wanted to see before i spent that much money on a disk brake..but u said it was nice so i might go with it........ :?
alright so ill get that. my freind got the marzochi forks with the disk brake and i rode that yehh it is real easy to do one finger stoppies i really liked it thats why i was asking. thanks
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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