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I own a 2009 & a 2011 Honda Ruckus. Both of these ran well for the first 6 months. In time, starting issues became a problem for both scooters. Also, if a bike SHOULD start, I have to be aware of how far I'm traveling away from home; in the event that the scooter may not re-start . . I have to be aware because I may end up having to walk the bike home.

I was attracted to this scooter because of its design; but this is lost due to poor engine performance; now I'm considering if there are modifications that could made to just make the bike basically run; i.e.- possibly simplyfi any part of the operating system so that if some system or part may fail, the scooter will still run.

Not sure if this makes sense -?-

But what I am sure about is that I am apprehensive every time I go on a scooter ride; apprehensive that I will break down far from home.

I'm aware that modifications can be made to increase over-all speed (I had a different muffler installed and weights were changed in the transmission to increase performance); but with the amount of posts relating to 'starting issues', it almost seems like a recall should have been prompted by Honda. Starting and running is a BASIC function. I've heard of new Ruckus' with DOA symptoms (dead on arrival) at the Honda dealer.

Thanks for reading.

Any info. will help. - Mark
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