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Yep RCM had a great day at the races Reid Edwards made us proud he did a awsome job in both open all ages and open 18 up (second behind Kyle Engle a X RCM rider passed onto our friends at Sano he could not have found a better bunch of guys I'm proud of him too) Our 153cc motors ripped it up no hip cups ran great all day we only suffered some crashes resulting in broken levers and bent bars but we had a blast.

Thank you to all of you who came by to visit our booth and check out all our products.

Hey Bosch bro's come out and hit the track on a RCM I will let you run the 124cc DOHC powered RCM and then let you run our 153cc kitted RCM I think you will be impressed with how similure they are.

Once again Thank you to all our riders

Reid Edwards:(153cc RCM) second both 18+ open mini bike and all ages open mini bike

Kyle Saunders: (153cc RCM) Hole shot motos all day but had bad day he was out (I mean way out) in the front running hard but took a big fall. Man that sucks the boy had that one sewn up.

Tim Beatty: (124cc DOHC RCM ) (missed the race due to a busted knee on practice day)

Eric Strave: (153cc RCM) tough day worn out from something night before suffered bent bars on a serious basher and suffered a busted lever but overall was very impressive. this kid has some serious skills.

Travist West: first 3 (120cc RCM) last 2 (Sano 88cc) ran first 3 races on our RCM last 2 on a Sano 88cc bike he took first in 0-8 open mini bike The West Family has been our close friends for a couple of years some of the best people out there and that little half pint Trave has a serious bright future on the big bike race scene I knew fromthe first time I sall him ride he had a future.

I want to say how proud I was of some other team RCM riders of the past that have been out doing some other things racing big bikes or out doing service for there country.

Wow special thumbs up to Sarah Price (riding a Big Minis KLX110 Big Minis great company) man she just tore up the track kick some arse on the boys I'm glad to see she is doing so well in her big racing watch out for this girl or she will kick you off the track.
41 - 59 of 59 Posts
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