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Daytona Anima 190 FDX with Decomp. IN STOCK! Special Pricing

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Reg Price: $1299
Special Pricing: $1049

Piranha Pit Bikes and are proud to announce the The DAYTONA 190-FDX!

This 4 valve, 62mm bore x 62 mm stroke engine is the newest edition directly from Daytona Motor Co. The new FDX-190 comes stock with an updated close ratio transmission, an AUTO-DECOMPRESSION CAMSHAFT and reinforced crankcases.
The FDX motor is manufactured and assembled as a 190 at the Daytona factory.

(1) Daytona Anima FDX 190 engine
(1) Intake manifold
(1) Wire Harness
(1) CDI: ( 4 selectable timing settings & 5 selectable Rev Limiter setting)
(1) Ignition Coil
(1) Intake manifold carb boot

*Daytona crate engines do not come with any warranty*
Auto part Automotive engine part Engine Carburetor Automotive super charger part

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Automotive starter motor Carburetor
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Ordered one for my CT70.

No lighting coil on the stator?
Do the 190cc pit bikes you have for sale right now come with this new updated FDX motor?
Ordered one for my CT70.

No lighting coil on the stator?
nope, no lightning coil! you got to get the street verision with different gearing if you want lightning coil, unless you change the stator
Do you have any company/contact for europe? Because the tariffs.....

we do sell the other stators that have the lighting coil on our site
We are based in the USA and ship globally. Are you looking for someone in based in Europe that sells Daytona motors? I believe there should be several sellers over there including YCF.
Yes they do! :arms:
Do the 190cc pit bikes you have for sale right now come with this new updated FDX motor?
Hey have you guys tried one yet? Little more power or way more than 150? I'd love to see one on the dyno with a bigger carb!
Hey have you guys tried one yet? Little more power or way more than 150? I'd love to see one on the dyno with a bigger carb!
We have had 190s for some time now.

We have not had a chance to dyno one but from the seat of our pants, they seem to be quite a bit more powerful then the 150, the biggest difference that I can feel is right off the bottom end they have a very impressive hit, where as the 150 preformed well up top, but left me looking for more in the bottom end.

I compare it to 250f vs 450F, your probably not much faster on one or the other but the 450 you can lug around and correct mistakes by powering out of them, with the 250 your more off the back of seat and keeping it on the pipe.

We have plans to try the dual cable 150R carb and will make a trip back to the dyno sometime this summer.
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Bluebanshee: Here is the manual!You can se all the data about timing and revlimiter etc.
We Dyno'd the Daytona 150 anima alongside a YX 160. Both running the same carb. The Daytona 150cc Anima produced much more power than the YX160cc. Even with a V2 head, the new 4 valve 190cc Daytona will easily outpower the 160cc with a V2 head in a heartbeat.

If top speed is your concern, you will clearly need to make some sprocket changes. You will also want to pay attention to the different timing / rev options in the manual. But be careful, you are entering new territory. If your bike does 100mph, you will need ample braking power to stop.

The case halves do have a bit different texture/suface to them, not just color difference. Them not matching does not bother me, I was just worried that it could mean something else. Either way I put 35 miles on this motor and it runs/shifts great. Good power but the top speed is at least 10mph lower than my yx160 running the same gearing. The recommended 38 pilot is too small and runs lean. 40 pilot and middle clip, 110 main and about 1.5 of air screw is pretty good. Would be nice to get a data sheet on the timing/rev limiter wiring.

I'll run this motor side by side with a 160 v2 bike with the same gearing and see how it does. You can't compare by seat of the pants with the close ratio trans.
Hey guys i got a question im pretty much building my own bike and wanna know if i can put this engine in a crf 50 frame not stock but like the same size but a better frame
These motors are very big, and alot of people have trouble putting them in BBR 50 frames. Also another thing is i know that this motor will be too much for the 10in setup. I have the old daytona in my reeg 50 and it is almost too much, especially if you get into tight stuff. Just my .02
What do you mean by to much how can any motor be to much lol couldnt i just extend swing arm and such i love how the 50s are so tight and compact idk how id like say the size of a pitster or piranha and is the reeg 50 the 50 size and is this motor bigger than the 1 u have in or they same size just stronger?
The motor i have is a a 150 with 2 valve head. My swingarm is a +3 so only way to go longer is a +5 but at that point it is basically a midsize. And as for being too much 50s are very light and tall for their wheelbase, makes them fun when you have under 15hp, but with this monster i dont think it would even be controllable. I love mine, but everyone else who rides it complains it too fast and scary/unstable, and thats people who have 184cc+ engines in a midsize. Also im a really small guy(5' 7 and 120lb) so the bike doesnt want to loop out on me like it does for bigger people.

here is my bike
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DAMN DUDE i love your bike i bet me an u are the same i am like that im only 23 and have never bhad a prob with anything with a motor i race and do fmx so its been a while since i had a bike now i just want the power in a small package cuz i just had a crf 50 stock but i beat it to hell an sold it cuz i broke the casing and stuff and didnt want to deal with it at the time but now i regret that lol but do u mind telling me your setup? did you have to modify the frame in anyway to fit the motor? and do u thinkiwould have to to put it in the same frame? im either thinking getting the reeg frame or the bbr frame or if any other suggestions??? also i would like to know how much bogger is the mid size and the diff? can they not race together? can i race with the 190cc 1? lol sorry so many questions i been out the loop a while but i just took out my banshee and it got me going lol but i promise u that as long as i can make the thing keep its front wheel down pinned with some lean in it im fine but idk im picky love the 50 always wanted a fast 50 not a 110 lolo ya know plus the gf an friends always can play around on them without that much injury lol obv not with this setup but i plan to build a few bikes thx for ur help.

Also i am about 5'9 150-180 pounds i go up an down currently sitting at about 170
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Who needs a 190, doesnt get much better than this at a great price!
Still in stock and shipping daily. And, we have the complete Daytona parts selection on our website as well!
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