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cutting out! help!

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this is the problem that i have, bone stock 2000 xr50 BBR handle bar kit, i will ride for about an hour or more and "sometimes" the bike will start to cut out , sputter and wont rev up until i let it idle or cool down for awhile, just recently i ate shitaki hard because it cut out as i was going up a lip for a double indo on the face!! it felt like the kill switch grounded out no power!

What could this be, i need to fix it because i dont want to eat shitaki anymore than i have to.

i noticed tonight that the bbr adjust on the top of the carb is broken could this be my problem? i took the carb apart and cleaned it tonight. :eek:
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hmmmm. this happened to my freinds CR she found out it had a loose wire and it was earthing once in a while. just check your wiring.

p.s who is that in your avatar becuase that is some phat air!
is the engine ground green wire on top of your carb bolted to the frame ?
yes the green wire off the coil is bolterd down with the pcv "positive crank vent" valve, should it be on the frame or leave it where its at. all of the wiring looks good and clean factory.

Should i ditch the kill button that bbr gave me?

could the key ign be a problem?

thanks for the help.

"fiddy frenzy" no thats not me i wish, i found the picture some where, fat air!!
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Of course everyone goes to the most difficult problem, electrical... :lol: but have you checked your air filter lately? My bike was cutting out like that and thats what was wrong 8)
i wash my filter after every ride, thanks!
do you have the stock cdi rev box? ive heard if the aftermarkets burning out, so the stocks might too. rusure u got your kkill switch setup right? have u looked at your spark plug connects, clean, and dry? your boot might be working back. have u messed with the timing atall?
sinister50 said:
i noticed tonight that the bbr adjust on the top of the carb is broken could this be my problem? i took the carb apart and cleaned it tonight. :eek:

This sounds like the problem ^^ this could be messing up the jetting. it also could be some sort of eletrical problem or the bike could be over heating..
Try taking off your kill switch :?: The CDI and timing could also be the problem like 5-0 said
maybe the earth is broken under the kill switch. thats what was wrong with my freinds bike.
I hokey fixed the throttle top so it doesnt leak air or anything, i rode for atleast an hour or more and it didnt cut out, but i wasnt riding the track it was to muddy so i didnt really beat on it.

I will take off the kill switch because everyone sounds positive that could be my problem. i dont want to eat shitaki like that again it really sucked so i will deal without a kill switch.

my cdi box is stock.

hopefully i doesnt happen again!! Thanks for your guys help.
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Hey Dude,

It could be that when it gets hot your coil could be braking down the stock coil new goes for 35.00 bucks. to check this does ahyone else you know have another Fiddie around. borrow there coil and if it works then thats it........

Hope this helps.....OLDSCHOOL
If it happens again i will try that for sure, that sounds very reasonable the bike is 4 years old. Is there a way i could test the resistance on the coil with an ohm meter?, does anyone have a repair manual?

thanks oldschool.
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