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ok so i have a few parts for sale, you can take all or some of them. the prices shown and are obo. if you buy a few things ill throw in some other stuff so i can get rid of it all

here we go:

random plastics- SOLD

various hardware, includes 2 rear axles and other stuff- sold

stock gas tank- sold

+1 frame w/ +2 swingarm and shock (way too stiff its for a mono swinger) its all china stuff- make offer

stock front wheel with 95% michelin ms2, dont know if its true- $25 plus shipping

rear with with stock hub, aluminum rim, HD spokes and stock sprocket. the rim has hella marks from changing tires but its still good, dont know if its true or not- $85 shipped

TB HD auto clutch with various tock parts, almost everythine is ther i think its just missing a few screws= SOLD!

2 brake panels, one black spray paint, one stock- sold

clutch cable- sold

BBR break cable, the casing is worn through in one spot- sold

skid plate, tried to mod it for work with perimeter frame. i dont know if it will work with stock, its cheap so you can pick it up and try if you want- $5 plus shipping

fast50s cam cover sprayed black- it got scuffed somehow in a crash but it still looks good and the inside got messed up cause i left a cam sproket bolt lose once. it still works tho- sold

black china chain guide, works good. no spacers included- sold!

stock break pedal, kinda bent up but easy to bend and make work- $5 plus shipping

pro taper SE handlebars, have about an inch cut off each side. perfect for smaller riders like myself- $30 plus shipping

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here are a few other things im trying to sell:

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ther was a little miz up with the shipping on the clutch and plastics but im trying to get it sorted out

i really dont want all this stuff anymore, if you buy one of the more expensive things ill throw in some other stuff for free that will fit in the box
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