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Here is a list of parts I am selling.... I'll give it a couple days up here before I list them on ebay. I also have pics, just pm me, and I'll send you pics. All of these have about 5 hours total on them and in excellent shape, except for the BBR air filter which is brand new, never used.

standard Ishock: $110.00 shipped

BBR air filter, (K&N style): $15.00 shipped

standard pegmount: $10.00 shipped

stock chain and sprockets: $15.00 shipped

stock carb, with BBR cap, was installed with 82cc BBR bore kit, so main jet might need to be changed if going back on stock: $35.00 shipped

stock swingarm: $30.00

BBR throttle and cable, (this is the one that comes with the tall handlebar kit): $20.00 shipped

I am paypal ready. Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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