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kawi122 said:
an yx140 cc motor will blow the 100 out the water plus u can buy a complete 140 from piranah for 329 plus 35 shipping and it basically comes ready to bolt on.Also why bother buyin a modded 50 motor or building on for 1200 dollars to make a 124se motor when the 140 mwill beat it especially if built up and they are quick on a crf50 frame.They will staright get with it i can walk all over klx143 bikes all day on my 50 with a piranah 140 motor.U can find these motors from any vendor on here or check out getting them thru terry at fire power minis he has good tech support good luck.Oh yea just think the 88 race head kit cost just as much as u would pay for a 140 ya its a chinese motor but very reliable and will fly for the money.


Knowbody has touched me on my 143 riding a chinese 140 motor..
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