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So I just picked up a BBR sp5 top clamp to run 70 forks on my 50. After getting the front forks on I had my 7 year old racer sit on it to see his size and options for upgrades. But to make a long story short I need another Sp5 clamp. As many of you know they are discontinued so I am taking my sp5 top clamp to the machine shop aka my dads shop to get dimensions and make a very " similar" style. So I'm asking all of you if I get some made who would all be interested in a top clamp. I am gauging interest because if there is enough I will have him write a cnc program for it. It will prolly be just the clamp and 2 screws no risers. The dimensions will be +/- .005 to where they should be. Pricing will will be good just got to check price of material. Let me know.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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