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Crf 50 Part out!!! Prices Updated again!

Hello I have a Bike that i built up and i dont use it anymore so i am going to part it out it has lots of good stuff on it!!! Pm me any questions you have

All Prices are in blue.

Sano LT6 forks with 12" sikk mx rim with starcross tire SOLD

Staggs Big Bike Style Frame And swingarm $200 Plus Shipping OBO

BBR tall seat $60 Shipped

Gpx 160cc complete motor less then 45 min on motor SOLD

Two Brothers Pegs SOLD

bbr hd peg mount SOLD

stock plastic with sano graffiti graphics SOLD

Pro taper handlebars SALE PENDING $20 Plus Shipping OBO

Pitster pro throttle $65 Shipped

10" Stock Rim with shinko tire and aftermarket sprocket $60 Plus Shipping

also have sikk mx 10' red rim thats never been used will get pics of it tmw. Pending sale $20 plus shipping

110 Fmf Titanium Anodized Blue 4.1 exhaust custom to work with the 160 cc motor and a crf frame less then 45 min of use SOLD

Red Barron red gas cap Breather SOLD

ASV Shorty Clutch lever SOLD

Lots of other little stuff.

Will post up more later
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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