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Well just got home and pics will be up as spon as I can since I would have to go by my brothers house and we are having a blizzard right now. Paid $450 cash for it and was only 20 minutes away to get it. Its a 03 xr 50. Most of the aftermarket stuff is new since it was for his kid and he ended up getting into quads so its a low hour bike.

I will start with what it has.

Works rear shock

RK chain

Powdercoated black ingnition cover which I may cut in the spring

Some brand of pegs and peg mount either sik 50s or fast 50s

KN air filter

Sano Pipe

Fast 50s dressup kit blue

Fast 50s gas cap

Fast 50s tall seat

Fast 50s tall bar kit with throttle and has blue clamp with the fast 50s flag bar pad

Fast 50s rear brake lever kit to make it mount on the bars so no rear brake lever

Powder coated black forks with I am pretty sure it has +1 legs and I am sure it has some type of springs in them.

Orange crf plastic with fork guards

Tak hyper cdi rev box

Has a 10 inch blue wheel with kenda tire on it. Has a hole for a rim lock but does not have one in there but that should be okay.

Now things it needs

Complete rear wheel and brake drum which I have on the way. Got a black excel wheel with new michlen tire and brake setup for only $75 shipped on ebay.

Motor runs but carb needs cleaned or something casue it will only run with the choke on. Not sure if I should just buy a bigger carb for it or not since they are cheap but will trying cleaing it and taking the stock carb apart.

Two levers that fit the fast 50s lever clamps since both front and rear brakes are on the bars.

Has no front number plate so I need one.

Also need a extended brake cable and the front brake drum arm with bolt.

If anyone has any of these parts I need laying around let me know.



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One thing I did not like but I can fix if I want to switch back to using a rear brake pedal instead of it being on the bars is that the guy cut the peice off the frame that the brake pedal slides onto but in the spring I can weld on a new peice of steel and drill a hole for the cotter pin.

I will try to get it running good and get the wheel on and get those parts I need and ride it. If I like it I will keep it like that or sell it. I have thought about build a full mod out of it but not for right now.

Also would a longer swinger still fit with my works shock I have on it and it should sit okay with plus one legs right. Not sure how to find out if I have plus one legs or not.


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i agree, no pics - no bike

but this imaginary carb sounds like it needs to be rejetted or the jets are clogged, a good carb cleaning is definitely in order since you dont know the condition.

why is it missing or in need of a back wheel?
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