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1971 Honda MiniTrail 50

Classic 1971 Honda MiniTrail 50 for sale.

Runs well, rebuilt engine 2008.

Mostly original in fair to good condition.

Lights currently out of service.

Strong enough for youth to use in mountains.

Includes 2 quality helmets, 1 medium/1 small.

No title

$750 price buys miles and miles of smiles! : )

Phone 509-662-1702 Jim or Laura

So my room mate and I went to look at this little hard tail tonight, with full intentions of me purchasing it. heres a list of items that I noticed needed repair. front to back.

Headlight glass broken

tripple tree cracked.

bars bent bad

levers bent bad

cables origional need replaced

key broke off

wiring harness hacked

kick stand missing

foot peg assembly bent BAD

exhaust stinger missing

rear fender cracked

needs seal kit

needs engine screw kit

lights not working

other then that its a good start the bike has been seriously beat by children with no repairs or maintenance....

I offered 300.00 as the motor did run strong. no noticable frame rework, tires not cracked and in fair condition. The owner declined my offer. I certainly hope no unsuspecting buyers purchase this gem for asking price.
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