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Couple pics of my 03 KLX 110

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Mods- ProTaper Tripple clamp, Tag Mini Play bars, 2Bros Agressive Front springs, Works rear shock, Pirelli Minicross tires, ProCircuit T4 pipe (shortied), Renthal gearing (stock front, +4 rear)...2Bros over the top rear brake lever...and i think thats it

oh and my rack for hauling it around....

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Looks sweet 8)
nice i like the light and the black plastics!
you got alot of black on that bike but its looking pretty good.
this weekend i'll try and get some pics of it out in the sunlight...might come out better than in my messy garage!
i just noticed were your hitch reciver was on your truck is that the place for the license plate? very kool! :D
Looks great i like how the renthal sproket looks!
i want a rack like that, but i need one for a 50 and 70... one facing each way...

did you make it... wish i had a welder... :D

also... you can get a filp down mechanism from an 82-92 camaro for your license plate...


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we are going to be making a dual bike holder at some point..i also might come up with a way to daisy chain two holders together...i've been to lazy to get a flipdown we just made up a plate holder that slips into my receiver.
klxrider245 said:
i like the flashlight u should put 2 more on
where did you get flaslight from? its a foglight
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