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Cost of having engine bored?

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I give up on understanding how to read my slide micrometer. If my 1980 honda xr 80 is bored .25 over from stock i'll just buy a .50 over piston and ring kit. I'll bring new piston and cylinder to a bike shop and have them bore it so my piston fits. How much does having a cylinder bored out cost. Also is there someone on here i could mail my cylinder to and let them pick a piston and bore bike out for me. Where i live there are only two bike shops. One is too high and other is way to high to deal with
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don't know where you live but here in socal theirs a place called Importcycle Repair and Salvage located In Colton Ca. they bore and hone for $50.
909 423 0148 is the number. was going to use them but ended up getting a new bike instead
I picked up the cylinder the other day and the tosser tried to say that because it was a 3mm overbore it would cost $160!
I explained that I made him aware of that when I dropped it off, and if he had bothered to phone me, I would have told him not to go ahead with it.
When I told him to keep it, as I could buy the parts I need for less, he decided to only charge me $100 after initially quoting $120.
I guess I can't blame him for trying, but I will never darken his door again.
damn crook. im glad you told him to keep it.. lol.. shut him up real quick and changed his attitude . good job
storminnorman07, that write up you did on the machinist side of the story is absolutely remarkable. I thought boring was run a bit through a hole if you will. Now see that It is a timely job and time=$$.

But I still think the machinist that ajcmbrown went too was a crook and highly unprofessional in my opinion. Any professional machinist should be able to asses the situation of the job at hand and give an accurate quote right? The original quote of $120 is not bad I would pay that if I had to, but to take 9 weeks for this job should he be obligated to pay for the time it took the machinist to do the job as well. In this SPECIFIC situation the machinist is wrong and not consumer.

storminnrman07, From what I here on this site is you are the man for machining. I agree with you on poor prep work on parts that get sent to you. and im sure if a part gets sent to you filthy and un prepped you would notify the owner of added charges before doing a job and say I added another $100 by the way.

I respect your professionalism norman07, I read all your post when I can because your information is awesome. and I love learning about engines.
so thank you
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Norman you are my machinist. If I need work its going to you. Honesty is hard to come by now days. I really appreciate your write ups thank you
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