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Coolster SSR 125 Crank case vent

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Hello everyone on my SSR 125 the crank case vent goes into the air filter. I’m replacing my carburetor and air filter and was wondering what should I do with the vent line. Should I route it into the new air filter or leave it off to the side? Are there any potential consequences of not routing it into air filter? Thanks for the help guys!!
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If you reroute the breather hose the EPA will come knocking on your door.

In all seriousness, you can simply run the hose down the back of the engine or plug a breather filter into the end of the hose like this UNI filter: UNI Breather Filter Push in Type 5/16 Inch Universal UNI Breather Filter Push in Type 5/16 Inch Universal: Automotive

If you go either of those routes be sure to plug the hole in the air filter cap to keep dust and dirt out or switch to a Pod style filter.
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