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When building a you have to use a Z/XR50 specific coil, or will any coil work. I'm pretty sure z88r posted a link to a bike that had a coil from a V8 car on it. I have a '91 YZ 125 coil laying around and i'm building a project Z50 (1984). Will it work, or will it cause something to break?
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z88r....i'm guessing you might be the only one that knows. Does the whole 6V, 12V thing come into play here?
I'd suggest doing some research on this before moving forward. It depends on the coil. If you use too hot of a coil, you'll burn out your stator assembly and burn plugs. The answer is I don't know without doing the research.

Are you building a 6V or 12V motor?
I have an 03 honda xr 50 engine with an 88 kit on it. can I run an msd blaster coil on it? I have a spare one. will this work?
I still dont understand the difference between a 6V motor and a 12V (how to tell the difference). The bottom end of the motor I will be building is a 1979. The top end is 1984 parts. Where should I start researching to find out if it will work?
The 6v motors have points and condensors, and the 12V motors have a CDI pickup with no points and condensors.
heres my .02.... dont f|_|nk with electrical unless ur its ur job and u know alot about lil thing can mess up ur entire electrical system and cost u alot more $ than u wanted it to....i say dont mess wit it...
I have a 6V motor in the Z then. Will a 12V coil for a Z/XR 50 work with it? Will this coil work? Who knows where to find a cheap wiring harness??
just buy the correct products!

Kitaco Super-Coil. Higher intensity spark with fater recovery and responce. Supplies 15% more energy, longer plug life as well as a hotter spark. This is the unit that is used on the inner rotor kit.

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that is for a 12V engine tho isn't it? thor has a 6V engine
thats right mxracer. where do i get a 6V coil from? There is no way that i'm converting to a 12V system.
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