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clutch ?'s

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i am getting the tb88 kit with race head do i need the manual clutch or can i just put the stiifer spring in the stocker and will it hold up
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You can run a stiffer spring in the stocker, but the manual clutch is much more fun to ride.
i like the idea of manual but i also like the idea of not having to work a clutch i like to stop in gear without using a clutch but i still might get one just for cornering that way u can get the r's up to get out of it faster
Get one of the hrydrolic (sp?) clutches, im not sure of the website right now, im sure somone knows it.
hydo clutch . I think also has it
mxracer728 said:
hydo clutch . I think also has it
sik50s is currently out, maybe they will get some in a couple weeks.

i hear you need a different side case. i dont know really, i just rode it for a few seconds. atom? hows it work?
no, no need for new side case. it installs into where that clutch adjuster nut is on stock, and you install a piece or two inside and connect the clutch line to the lever and the piece installed into where the adjuster nut was
Whats the difference between a cable clutch and a hydro clutch?
pretty much just an easier pull
and if i'm not mistaken, u can stop in gear. and u only have to use it if you want to. i have a question on it too, could it be run with Classic Honda's heavy cuty clutch kit?

i got my hydraulic clutch kit from and it works GREEAAAT!!! $299
I'd have to agree. I rode joey f's bike with the hydraulic clutch and its awesome.
If i get a TB 88 kit with head do i have to get the clutch springs or can i run stock for a while?
You are going to need clutch springs. The 88 w/head is very powerfull and will smoke the stock clutch. If you were running the stock head you could get away for awhile but with the race head no, you will need springs.
Ok man thx wat are some good clutch springs?... Does the TB kit come with them>?
no, but any HD springs will do you good. BBR sells some, as does Classic honda, also PIMPIN's favorite store Holeshot( has them
If you look at the TB 88 kit it has some springs in it wat are those?
O ok just wondering
i will have the tb88w/ head kit also. HOw much longer if any will th emanual versus the stiffer springs last. Also which manual or stiffer springs do u recommend
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