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Clutch removal HELP!

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Ok... so I am in the process of removing my clutch. I get all the way down to removing the clutch nut (using the clutch nut tool of course). I wedge a screwDriver into the big gear to keep it from moving and start turning the nut, and the whole clutch moves.. the gear does not .. of course, but is teh whole clutch supposed to turn? :roll: I would think not.. cause the someb*&tch is not coming off. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong 8O ... much thanks.
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If I'm not mistaken you need to remove the cover on the other side of the motor and keep the flywheel from turning. The motor is still trying to turn over right? I think that is your problem. If not wait about 15 minutes and someone will correct me. An impact (air) gun would probably help too. Then it doesn't give the clutch an even force to try to turn. Might break it free before clutch could turn.
an impact gun gets the nut removed easy mine came right off , but be careful wedging a screwdriver in there you can break some of the inner workings
well then. Thanks folks... I held the fly wheel still and that joker came right off. Funny how things work when you do it right. I like the idea of the impact wrench... but don't have one yet. And yes .. i thought it was funny that the motor was turning over when I was trying to losen the nut.... hehehe... I was like .. WTF. Anyways..... i got everything back together and it is working good so far. Thanks for all the help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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