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For those of you who sell in the classifieds, please update your profile so it reflects your location under your screen name.

Additionally, when you post something for sale, include your email address so people can contact you outside of PM.

If members take those two steps, the classifieds moderators won't have to lock threads until this information is given.

To update your profile:

On the left hand side of the page under the Quick links menu (not in the quick links menu, under it), you'll see an option for User CP. Click on User CP.

Once you get into User CP, on the left side menu, you'll see a link to "Edit Profile". Click on it.

Scroll down, and under the "Additional Information" heading, you'll see a box for the following:

"Where you live"

In this entry box, enter the city and state where you live.

With the email address and your location, and posting an asking price, pics and description (if applicable), you won't get your posts locked.

Location is important as people will be more likely to purchase items from local people and can estimate shipping costs. If you live outside of the USA, this factors into the buying decision as well.

An email outside of the PM neighborhood also helps with fraudulent activity.


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