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Classic Honda

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I recently picked up a 1978 honda pa50 that I plan on restoring. I plan on powdercoaing the frame and hubs candy blue and the forks and wheels mirror black. I powdercoat on the side so it will not be a problem to do custom colors.

Here is the mirror black and candy blue I was thinking about.

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Any old honda project is a good project. Before you dig into it, check to see if you can still get motor parts. Since I don't know anything about the PA50, parts may be plentiful, maybe not.

Sounds fun!
sweet products
THats a SICK color. It's kinda hard to tell from the pictures what it actually looks like, but do most PC'ing places have that color? I love it.
Powdercoating can go a LONG way. Most people have no idea of the stuff they can do. If you can think it up more than likely they can do it.
You can actually powercoat parts now that is pretty close to real chrome. You can powdercoat kandy colors, the choices are limitless. Powercoating is awesome if done by someone that knows what they are doing..
I found a store overseas that sells engine parts, big bore kits, larger carbs, and performance pipes for it :lol: I also have a complete spare engine for it that I will swap parts from when needed.

Most powdercoating shops should be able to do candy colors. Powdercoat is very durable when done currectly. That set of black 50 wheels that I posted now has been through 2 sets of tires and the owner says they still look good.

My buddy wants me to powdercoat his 50 for him. He wants silver plastics and an orange frame and accesories. Does anyone know of any graphics for a 50 that will go good with orange and silver?
CaptainChauncy said:
Does anyone know of any graphics for a 50 that will go good with orange and silver?

the hot wheels ones?
I do:

The brown is actually a burndt orange more... and they are very vibrant in real life, that pic was taken in a pretty badly lighted area.
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btw the graphics could actually be made with orange and silver striping if desired. I have a lot of color combinations but thats the only picture I have of them on our bike.
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