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christmas day

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Christmas day is a good day to pull out the fittys and ride.Streets are quiet and coppers will prolly not bust ya if you explain your just testing out your Christmas gift.
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Have any of your rides accumlated more hours in their log book? You need to fly one up north! (PS trying to get a VFR BFR in during the rain!)
I'll be the guy making a buncha smoke and a loud pinging noise on the highway. haha. Good idea. Still no excuse for the cops though but I'll manage to pull it off.:cool:
i am already planning my adventure lol. i want to do like a 10mile run through my town on my pitster lol.

im sure there going to love a roaring fmf 4.1 lol.

its gonna be fun seeing how i live in the heart of southern california lol.

yaya for me. just gotta think of my excuse lol
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No one actually stays for the cops....unless your on a stock 50.
Grab some leftover ribbing and christmas wrapping paper to make the Christmas gift excuse more believable,lol. A cop would have to be in a bad mood to still ticket you after that! Watch the booze though,every cop is gonna ask you if youve been drinking this time of the year.I got stopped at a booze checkpoint last night.PHEEW!
Go in a santa suit (do not forget the pictures:))
Ride around with a ripped up tux and dirt on your face so if you get stopped, you say you're late for your wedding. The cop has to be Hitler to not let you off with that excuse.
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