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Chinese Falcon Knockoffs: Anyone mounted them? How?

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So I've been holding on to this set of wheels till I could fit them on my R. Finally get the four bolt hubs to find out the offset is way the hell off! I understand Z50's have offset hubs but not this much. When I got my chinese ebay disc fork, I thought it was the hub, but after measuring, its in the wheels.

Anyone have any suggestion as to how to get these mounted? Turns out the roommate's Dad has a metal machine shop in his back yard, I might have to machine some kind of spacer for it. :-( Garbage.
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^^^^hey...that's my picture of my carpet. Get your own picture! Yes, I have them mounted on my CT70. The fronts will mount up without any special just need to make spacers for them. I ran the rear on a stock ct70 swinger with a 3mm spacer. ON the gcraft you need a 6mm spacer.

I have a spacer here if you want to go that direction.
Tried both sides?

(Didn't need spacers for the real ones mounted on my chinga)
I know, I stole your rug, man.

fatcaaat said:
The fronts will mount up without any special just need to make spacers for them.

Whatchu talkin? 3mm is the key to getting these things centered? Problem is I changed the fork at the same time and that left me confused.

Chinese I know, but I woulda thought they woulda bolted up. :confused:

I would like to go that direction. I got all the stuff to get these on...
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are those rims tubeless? Could you post a pic showing how bad the offset is?
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