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It looks like there will be a pit bike class at national and local events as soon as next year, it is a few paragraps down. This is awesome, just what the pitbike seen needed to keep it going.....

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AMA competition bulletin: amateur motocross class rules changes

June 15, 2007

Please be advised that the AMA Board of Directors ratified a new amateur motocross class structure for the 2008 racing season at its May 2007 meeting.

Nationally recognized amateur motocross classes for 2008 will include:

MX Lites (100cc-153cc 2-stroke/151cc-250cc 4-stroke);

125 Class (86cc-125cc 2-stroke only)

Motocross (154cc-285cc 2-stroke/251cc-450cc 4-stroke);

250 Class (126cc-250cc 2-stroke only);

Open (251cc-500cc 2-stroke/390cc-650cc 4-stroke).

Displacements may be OEM or achieved by aftermarket modification.

The amateur motocross class structure for 2008 also includes Plus 25, Veteran 30 and Veteran 40 for riders at least 25, 30 or 40 years old, respectively, riding two- or four-stroke motorcycles with displacements of 86cc-open; and a Women's class for women riding two- or four-stroke motorcycles with displacements of 80cc-open.

The AMA amateur motocross classes for 2008 will also recognize a Pit Bike class. The specifications for the Pit Bike class are still being finalized and will be submitted for AMA Congress approval at the October meeting.

The 2008 structure for AMA Youth Classes will be the same as in 2007.

The new class structure is the result of a directive the AMA Board of Directors issued to AMA staff late last year to consult with technical experts in the field and recommend a measured approach to leveling the playing field between two- and four-stroke motorcycles in amateur motocross.

Also at the May meeting, the AMA Board of Directors ratified three rules that passed AMA Congress in 2006 for the 2007 season but were not ratified at the November 2006 Board meeting.

These additional changes to Amateur, Semi-professional & Youth Competition Rule Book take effect immediately:

Add sentence (chapter 4, section B, paragraph 3, page 14): "In addition, in Dirt Track, TT, Scrambles and Ice Race, riders changing machines must start on the penalty line on their next race."

Last sentence to read (chapter 4, section B, paragraph 7 I, page 15): "and riders will be started in a procedure consistent with Pro Racing restarts."

Change (chapter 5, section C, paragraph 1, page 44): "Class 6 Change age to 7-11. Delete Maximum (adjusted length) wheelbase 45 inches. Move brackets between 85cc classes and hillclimb classes 13 & 14. Place the wheel sizes below to be included with classes 13 & 14: Front Wheel Max 17 inches, Rear wheel min 12 inches, Rear Wheel Max. 16 inches. Delete Wheelbase 51 inches or less for Hillclimb."

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yeah id love to race glen helen on the big track!! ive raced there so many times on my 85 and now 250, but a mini race on the big track would be awesome. i know they did it a few months ago, but that wasnt a national...

oh dang, 153 and 285 cc two strokes!!! but thats amateur classes only..

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Dstardubbin said:
looks awesome!

whats even better will be possibly nation wide rules on the classes!

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky........Never use the word "Awesome" when refering to something that the AMA is getting involved with. I doubt they will talk to the mini-moto people, classic, bbr, etc at any length before making some rules that will piss most people off. Hope I'm wrong.
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