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cheap bike

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Hi I am just getting into the bike thing and want a little info please. I have a friend that has a klx bike the he hogged out the motor to a 140 and did a lot to the chassis so a normal guy could ride it. He says he has 3-4k into the chassis. I am wanting to do some riding with him but I went down to the bike shop and they want 1800 for a klx and its only a 110 and the chassis has almost no suspension on it. So I tell him that I aint got the money to buy the bike and do the chassis upgrades, so he says that there are places that sell bikes for under 2500 that are all ready upgraded. Who and where are these places?
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Just look at the upper right side of the main page here and you'll see our advertisers here on PM.

Here's a good start...Click:
yeah get a pitster youll get your money out of it
Try the complete bikes classified section on here , e-bay or craigs list .

IMO - Get a KLX !!! :)
Where do you live? we always have bikes for sale new or used. would put a woppin on 140cc klx
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