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Cheap Bar Riser review

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Me, being the thrifty person that I am, didnt want to spend a lot of money on a full bar riser kit right now. I decided to purchase the "High Riser" bar fix kit off of

First of all, Jeff has GREAT customer service. He answers any questions you may have, and he ships promptly. Its nice to get service like that these days.

The kit itself was $35 shipped. It took about 2 days to recieve it. All you get is the metal bracket and the nuts and bolts. Instructions wouldnt have been a bad idea, but they are on the site where you order from so its not a huge deal. Not to mention the install is cake!

Tools required for install.

-A pair of Channel Locks wrench for removing the cap on the carb.

-A 12mm wrench/socket for the stock nuts.

-A 13mm wrench/socket for the new nuts.

-A #8 Allen wrench for the new bolt. (If I remember correctly.)

The first thing you need to do is reroute the Throttle cable so that it runs down the right side of the frame. Be sure to run it between the the fork tubes then down the right side of the frame. This will prevent binding when you turn the bars. To just unscrew the cap from the carb use the Channel Locks, mine came loose really easy. Pay attention to how the spring assembly comes out of the carb! If you dont it may take you several minutes to get it back in properly. I can tell you this from experience. Once you have installed the cap. Twist the trottle to make sure it moves properly. If you didnt install the spring assembly properly the trottle wont twist back, also make sure it springs back shut. I rerouted the cable a few days before the kit came. If you wait until you get the kit it will probably be a little easier to install the cap after the kit is isntalled.

To install the kit, just remove the two nuts from the bottom side of the triple tree. Just flip the bars forward to give your self room to install the bracket. Install the bracket with the curved side mounted to the triple tree. This is really obvious when you look at it. I found it easier just to hand tighten everything first then once the bars are mounted tighten everything down.

Now for my thoughts. This is an awsome mod for the money! They say it will withstand serious abuse. I doubt I will be getting big air anytime soon, especially until I get some suspension. I was doing stoppies and wheelies and didnt feel the bars flex at all. There is plenty of room. I can now turn the bars without them hitting me in the knees. I was even riding standup wheelies. Definately not something you could do with the stock setup. It moves the stock bars up 1.5 inches and forward 1.5 inches.

I highly recommend this mod for anyone on a budget. If you have to share the 50 with your son or daughter this mod is perfect! You can switch it back to stock in less then 5 minutes!

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five0addict said:
Because you just opened my eyes to making words out of combinations of other words, I think I have made up the only way to describe the high riser= deformedpeaceofcraplopsidedretardbarholder.

I am glad that Jeff is trying to get money out of his 50 venture, but not by selling useless crap like this..... Someone needs to point him in the right direction. Rather than make a riser for crappy bendy stock bars i think he should make bars that are bigger and work in the stock clamp and only require a larger throttle tube.
Jeff is allowing one more option out there for guys who are not sure or dont want to break the bank. Dont bash on someone who is trying to make it so some guys have the oppurtunity to try out wut we so much enjoy.

It may not be wut we run but it allows for someone to see if its worth it to him or her. Jeff at has helped big time take the 50 movement to the level it is. If it wasnt for the forum he put up Planet Minis might not be wut it is today! Cheers to guys like Jeff Mclain and our Planet Minis Nick as they dont make anything near wut they deserve but

bring us all up to speed on the world of minis!! My hat is off to both off you!!

Later Atom RoTTeN
His website is the very first 50 website I ever looked at. Possibly because of him I have a 50 now. Please don't be a hater.
its gross looking, thats all.
its a quick fix to make your kids bike ridable while they aren't riding it. :lol:
yea 50ccracing was the first site i ever looked at too, and yes it led me to get my first 50 too. i would like to thank 50ccracing :!:
Wow, the maturity level from some of these posts are rediculous..

First of all.. Not everyone is in this to "look cool." I could give two sh!ts on whether someone thinks my fiddy looks awsome. I bought this bike to ride and have fun, and so far it hasnt let me down. If you dont like the way it looks, fine. Its completely your prerogative, but you have also added nothing useful to this thread.

Secondly, this is not a piece of crap. Its very well made, and you can tell it was tested thoroughly before it was released to the public. I havent had it flex on me at all! This is a good thing. Granted it maybe a different story for freestyle or catching huge air, but not everyone rides like that. I didnt say this mod was for everyone because its not. Its for us working guys that need to pay the bills and still want to have fun without costing an arm and a leg to do it.

I posted this thread for other LIKE ME, that are looking for a good alternative to making the 50 a little more ridable. If you dont like it, please dont respond.
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I think it's a great option to spending $200 plus for a bar kit. Thanks for the review RacingRice!
yea, jusy wait till those bars bend, over and over.
dude, i like that.. nice review! it would be great for pit riding or someone whos not fully into 50s, just throw that on for $35 and you can move your knees
five0addict said:
yea, jusy wait till those bars bend, over and over.

This isnt that complicated.. When you start bending bars, its probably time to upgrade to something better. :roll:
lmao, thats true, different people use fittys for different things, some just to mess around on, some for pit bikes, some for freestyle and others for racing, its good to have another option that is cheep for the pit riders, and guys who jst wanna mess around

another good thing about htis is that you dont have to worry about bending or breaking it because its not too costly to replace
if your too big for a 50, thats it, your going to bend and break stuff no matter what. if your just going for a cruze, do you really need that lifter?
It's a comfort thing. Even people just riding around would like to move their knee's when the time comes.
Exactly what cyclerider says. Even just cruising around it makes turning a lot more comfortable. Even my wife at 5'6" says its way easier to ride with the bars up higher. She doesnt ride it hard AT ALL.. I dont even think she gets out of second gear most of the time.
You guys are so negative about using parts that aren't anodized and machined from billet. There is nothing wrong with that bar riser. I made one something like it myself for free and have been riding with it since I got my bike. After spending 800 on the bike, i didn't have another 200 just so the bars didn't bash into my knees. We aren't all into 50's for the glitz and glammor. Some of us will just do what we have to do to make our bikes better without spending a fortune. I sat down and figured it out that I could have front suspension, rear suspension, and piece together a bar kit for the price of a billetware swingarm. Would my setup be, will it be, but i'm not jumping off a building with my 50 either. For being such an otherwise open minded and positive community, some of you guys really have your heads up your....rear ends...on this one.
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Well said there Bill. I think the bar riser is a great idea for people who dont have the money to spend.
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