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chain roller

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I just put the sano swingarm and ishock on my stock frame........rumor has it I should install a chain roller....but where it looks like it should mount up there is no I have to drill and tap........will I not be able to use a roller with my stock frame............some help in this area would be greatly appreciated......
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yup your gonna need to drill and tap a hole. I drilled and tapped mine right where the little circle of a weld from the rear brake rod is.
if u just have the i shock do u need to run a chain roller?


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It's a good idea to run one as the i-shock does raise the rear and the chain could rub on rear of the flywheel cove and will wear a hole right through and into the bolt. I have these as a kit, (roller, spacer, bolt) in 2 ways. If you have the ability to drill & tap a hole, or they come with a longer bolt & nut. PM me for pricing. Thanks.

make sure you get the hole drilled straight into the brake rod or you will strip out the hole . do not just drill a hole in the plate and put a nut on the back this will cause a big problem the torc from the chain will tweek your frame where you mount the wheel ( even chromemoly frames) this will also cause your chain to jump and it could come off and crash into your cases causing a major headache .

PS. I change the swing arm mount on my set up and don't need a roller even with a 3 inch over swingarm . this how the the big bikes are set up
I drilled a hole just above the brake holder & bolted it on, works fine.

Opps, after reading Skindoaner's post, maybe I best re-think my applaciton...

not if you use a grade 8 fender washer on the back with the nut


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Yah the washer will help but we have seen them bend with it too.

I had a customer that tweeked there frame there what we did to repair it was weld another plate over that area and beefed it up
so your saying drill the hole right into the weld circle and into the brake arm itself? Hmmm.. what size tap?
ive been racking my brain trying to figure out what the cause of bending your frame where your chain roller mounts would be?

Your chain weighs nothing.

Their is no weight nor force being exerted on the chain roller other then the weight of the chain which is only on the roller HALF of the time.

In fact most the roller kits come with a plastic spacer to space the roller off of the frame which would without a doubt show stress cracks and or smash if that kind of weight was being exerted on the bolt and roller to bend the frame.

I just do not see this happening...
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So far out of all the kits I have installed or sold, I haven't had any sort of problems with frame bending. Like Racer said, I just don't see how the chain could produce enough power to bend the frame. It's mounted under the swingarm and the chain on that side has no tension under power. Maybe if someone were to mount a roller on the TOP side of the swingarm under the chain, that would most definitely cause problems.

And to enter Sydeshow's question, you have to drill with an "F" or 6.5mm drill and tap 5/16-18. Unless the bolt is metric, then drill 17/64 and tap with an 8mm x 1.25 tap. Good luck!

chain rollers

If your having trouble installing or knowing which one to buy. Call Brian at PRC. He'll be happy to help you out. You can do it alot cheaper than what some people are selling them for.

Jim Paid advertiser and engine builders for over 30 years.
I don't know what to say guys it happens and quite often at that .

There is force on the chain roller when ever you apply your brakes or down shift or just let off the gas . the chain does have weight but this not the problem it is reverse tension off the output shaft that causes this . all the frames other than Fast 50's have had this problem with bending .

My personal oppinion is redesign the pivot point so you don't need a stupid chain roller . you don't see the on a big bike so why our beloved mini's .
are they using a specail super duper metal i dont know about? I thought 4130 cromoly was 4130 cromoly
SkinDonor said:
you don't see the on a big bike so why our beloved mini's .

Every single big bike has a chain roller. Do you think that they started making them for 50's? No, its the bigbike companies that are making them, which the 50 companys adapted to fit the little bikes.
Yah you are right my bad :oops:

But my idea does work
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