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Celebrate Dave Olcotts B DAY BIG 40

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Hey, whats up crew.

Here's the deal Davo is turning the Big 40. When you ask??? This upcoming weekend. I have been nominated by Laurie Olcott to try and get the word out even more to have more MoM troops to go up and party/ride at Waterville Valley NH. Young and OLD. The partying will be done most likely this Friday night. If you can't make that still come up for Saturday and ride all day at Waterville Valley NH mountain and show how much you care about Dave Olcott getting Olcott-Old. It will be an awesome time and its peak ski/riding season so bust out the sticks or stick and come ride and have a good time. If you can't ride or ski, lessons are on the bunny slopes. Heck, grab a toboggan even a tube if you have to. If you haven't been convinced yet, go and enjoy all the other accommodations that Waterville offers like steam rooms and hot tubs that always have surprisingly good looking women. It is going to be a absolute blast so don't miss out and be stuck at the Chess tournament.

As of right now the birthday Bashing will be at a bar called Legends Friday night "13th" If the location changes it will be noted. As for a time, get creative what time do bars normally start hopping you think?

Any further updates I will post up.

-Healey 93
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Bumpin this so it makes the front page.
Legends is an awesome place! I even have a staff shirt from there :) Wish I could make it :(

BEWARE OF SKI AND SNOWBOARD THEFTS; last season /i had a brand new board that was stolen from the ski rack last year at Waterville. Just make sure you keep and eye on your equipment. The local police said they have been filing alot of stolen equipment reports. LOCK your stuff up!!
thanks for the input always basically hid my board so no one can see it haha where ever i go.
Anyone else think they are going to make it up?
wish i could, would love to get on the board with everyone but gotta work.
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